The (Non)Starving Artists, LLC was originally founded by Brittany in 2016 to serve as a platform for artists to educate and empower each other by sharing their stories. Brittany was initially inspired to start TNSA when she realized she needed an outlet at the time, as a working actor with a full-time day job, to share her artistic journey. She needed to know that she ws not alone in the GRIND and she desired to shine a light on the reality that working your job and working your dream don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Though the TNSA website has not been updated in recent months, it is still a source of valuable information. Brittany, now a full-time working actor, is setting her sights and intentions on turning TNSA into a bi-weekly podcast with the same mission – to empower and educate her fellow artists. More to come soon! STAY TUNED.